Philanthropy and Yank Barry: A Natural Fit

Not only has Yank Barry received three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize for his philanthropic efforts over the past couple of decades, but he has received recognition in have brought him numerous awards and accolades, as well. They have come from all over the world, too, because his work has been global in scope. His philanthropy has been covered by many media outlets, including CNN, NBC, The Jerusalem Post and many others. It’s no wonder, given that one of his organizations, the Global Village Champions Foundation, which he founded in 1995 as an international hunger initiative, has served more than one billion meals to hungry people so far. That effort has a lot of help, from his wife Yvette, as well as from many friends and philanthropic partners, including Evander Holyfield, Michael Jordan, Buzz Aldrin, Gary U.S. Bonds and the late boxer, Muhammad Ali.

As part of his philanthropic mission, Yank Barry works closely with a large number of local agencies and NGOs around the globe, in an effort to bring needed assistance to people in politically unstable areas, often in places where few others will bother to go. He also takes a different approach to many others, in that he doesn’t simply issue grants and toss money at a problem and let others handle things. No, he tends to take a more “hands-on” approach, which places him on the front lines when it comes to providing aid.

The people who find themselves in crisis, such as refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran, who have been victimized by violence caused by groups as lethal as ISIS, appreciate the help they receive. Yank Barry tries to provide them with whatever they need to rebuild their lives.

Yank Barry’s big dreams

Born in 1948 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada — and by the name of Gerald Barry Falovitch — Yank Barry started fashioning big dreams for himself at a young age. With a love of music from practically birth, Barry was exposed to a variety of genres and artists growing up in Montreal. He also experienced music in different languages within this French- and English-speaking region. His passion and gift for performing was personified into a significant interest after a teenage move to Israel. There, he fostered his talents and turned them into a financial career as well. His first gigs in the music industry extended to near the Sea of Galilee and soon, he recorded a cover of Elvis Presley. From that point, his career in music continued and became prosperous, turning into numerous dreams for Yank Barry.

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